Heavy Artillery Beat Contest


1) All entries must own "Heavy Artillery Vol. 1”. Your order # (via djskizzbeats.com or TheDrumBroker.com) grants you entry. (You receive the order # when you purchase it). Please do not enter if you don't own "Heavy Artillery Vol. 1". If you don't own it, no problem, buy it now (link in bio).

2) Make a beat using any sounds from "Heavy Artillery Vol. 1." Of course you can use your own loops, samples, whatever you want just make sure something from "Heavy Artillery Vol. 1" is used to construct the beat. More creative/ambitious entries using more of the kit obviously give you an edge!

3) Please Email 1 beat submission to SkizzyWomackBeats@gmail.com (only 1 beat please.) * VERY IMPORTANT * Please make sure you include your Heavy Artillery Vol. 1 order # + all your contact info in the email. Only submit beat via mp3 attached to the email or a soundcloud link. Please do not send download links as .WAV files or large attachments.
The deadline for submissions is ThURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2020. We will announce the winner on Monday, September 28, 2020 .

The Prizes

The winner receives the following:

1) You will get to produce a new M.O.P. song !!!!

2) You will have the opportunity to fully produce an EP for Billy Danze of MOP !!!

3) $500 store credit @ www.thedrumbroker.com The Drum Broker. ($500 will get you a sh*t ton of HEAT from The Drum Broker).