CRIMEAPPLE x DJ Skizz "Breakfast in Hradec" LP (Black, Pink, Milky Clear)

  • $30.00

Following their ground breaking "Wet Dirt" album from 2019, CRIMEAPPLE and DJ Skizz are back to take you on a worldwide flight starting off in Hradec, Czech Republic. The New Jersey rapper and Brooklyn producer step up their game once again on this new offering, with CRIMEAPPLE solidifying yet one more time his position as one of the best lyricist out there, painting perfect pictures all by himself over Skizz's top-tier productions, with an extra soulful and vintage touch added to it. Fasten your seat belts as this one is yet another classic to listen to up above the clouds!


A1. In Flight
A2. Penthouse Suite
A3. Scissorhands
A4. 40 Days, 40 Nights
A5. The Count of Monte Cristo

B1. Rezamos
B2. Wonder Years
B3. La Lluvia
B4. Currency Exchange